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Another way to get to know me is to read through my blog posts, which details my thinking about topics that may be relevant to your experiences.

I try to include information that I regularly talk to my clients about in hopes that it helps them move towards their goals.

I also include general information of content that I have spoken about and presented workshops on. If you wish to learn more about different trainings that I can provide, please leave me a message.


Have you ever felt stuck about parts of your life? Do your past haunt you by exerting undue influence on your current life? Are you experiencing anger, resentment, confusion and hopelessness on a regular basis?

There may losses in your life that you have not yet fully grieved. Read this article for some examples.

If you want to find out more about autism beyond the DSM-5 definition, a realistic perspective of strengths and weaknesses that is not pathologizing nor verging into inspiration porn, and helpful resources for further reading, read this article.

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