Parent Coaching & Family Therapy

Building and maintaining relationships in the family

Challenges in daily life are sometimes overwhelming, which can in turn, affect the relationships in the family. Or perhaps intergenerational factors impact how families currently work.

In parent coaching and family therapy, we collaborate to find ways to better support the family system through effective strategies and tailored accommodations for each person. We also make sense of complex factors that impact the family to increase everyone's ability to understand and communicate within the family.


What is it good for?

Individual development and needs within a system

Family members all play a role within the family system while managing their own needs and developmental trajectory.

Together with a therapist, families can work towards gaining a clear perspective into each others' relational and individual needs. Parents can learn to provide guidance in ways that children best learn, while allowing for autonomy and growth in their child. Families can learn to negotiate needs and accommodations to find sustainable and loving solutions for everyone.

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Have any questions?

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